Taiwan Prenatal intensive


Taiwan Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Intensive


Prenatal Yoga Bliss Baby YogaCourse Dates:

27th-29th October, 2017

Learn how to specialise in this popular area and start your own prenatal yoga classes.

Our Bliss Baby Yoga Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training intensive training is fun, practical and packed with information to help launch you into the growing field of teaching pregnant students. We're excited to announce that we're now offering our prenatal training in Taiwan!

This intensive is designed to equip you with the specialised knowledge, confidence and a comprehensive ‘tool kit’ of appropriate asanas (postures) and practices for safely teaching women during all stages of pregnancy, as well as to help them prepare for birth and beyond.

In this 24 hour intensive weekend training, you will emerge with the foundational knowledge to teach pregnant women yoga safely and appropriately. The following subjects will be covered:

  • The three trimesters - psycho-physiological changes to mum and baby
  • Birth: stages of labour; yogic tools for birth
  • "The Golden Rules": safety guidelines for prenatal students
  • Sequencing for prenatal yoga: the 5 prenatal posture groups
  • Applied Anatomy & Physiology for Prenatal Yoga: back problems & pelvic instabilty during pregnancy; other common prenatal complaints
  • Pelvic floor & squatting
  • Working with props to modify for various stages of pregnancy
  • Prenatal Restorative Yoga
  • Prenatal partner yoga
  • Pranayama for pregnancy and birth

Course Location

Om Yoga Studio, Rm. 1 2F, No.1, Heping Rd. Taoyoun district, Taoyoun City, 33041, Taiwan (R.O.C)

Course Dates & Times

  • 27th October, 2017, 9am-6pm
  • 28th October, 2017, 9am-6pm
  • 29th October, 2017, 8am-5pm

Course Facilitator: Experience, Passion & Expertise

Mari Notaras Bliss Baby YogaMari Notaras has taught and practiced yoga for over 15 years.

Mari's passion and interest in prenatal yoga naturally developed when she fell pregnant with her first child. She discovered that yoga during pregnancy was such a powerful tool - finding incredible peace, strength, and a strong connection to the feminine energy that was residing deep within.

Mari has taught pregnant women and new mums for over 8 years, and has studied extensively in the area of Pre and Post Natal Yoga with many great pre natal teachers from both Australia and around the world.

Course Prerequisites ("Is this training appropriate for me?")

Our Bliss Baby Yoga Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training intensive is suitable for yoga teachers, or those currently or planning to undertake yoga teacher training, as well as those working in related fields of women's health, such as midwives. The prerequisite to enrol in Bliss Baby Yoga's specialised teacher training courses is at least 6 to 12 months of previous yoga practice (so that you are familiar with the basic yoga postures and practices).

Pregnant women are very welcome to attend, ideally from 14 weeks gestation onwards.

Please note - this 24 hour weekend training will not qualify graduates to teach prenatal yoga classes if they are not already a qualified yoga teacher. If you are planning on teaching prenatal yoga classes we recommend undetaking a general Level 1 (200 hr minimum) yoga teacher training course in addition to this specialised training (particularly for the purposes of gaining insurance to teach, and learning the basic skills of 'how to teach' which are not included in this specialised weekend module).

If you are currently working in a related field of women's health (such as midwifery) and are planning to use this training to offer Prenatal Yoga practices within the context of your current work, your current insurance may cover you to do this.

If you have any questions regarding your suitability/eligability to undertake this training please don't hesitate to contact us through the web contact form or email info@blissbabyyoga.com.


Attendance of the weekend modules provides Continuing Education hours with Yoga Alliance.

Registrants of our weekend modules will receive a Completion Certificate and will be able to use the course hours to accrue these necessary professional development hours, as well as to gain the all-important knowledge and skills to launch them into this specialised area of women’s health.

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What previous participants say about the Bliss Baby Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Intensive and our course facilitator Mari:

"Loved it! loved the detail, flow, pace, group and partner work, theory and practice." Kate, yoga teacher.

"Mari was fabulous - so engaging and patient. Her style was very relaxed and inclusive - she was very responsive to our group and very accommodating to the group's various needs. Her yoga teaching style is inspired and I was able to take away a lot of cues and postures from her classes too." Lucy, yoga teacher

"It was beautiful! Detailed, engaging and an open space to share and learn." Natasha Mateus, yoga teacher trainee.

"I loved Mari’s open and really nurturing personality. She was fair and un-judgemental and had so much knowledge on the subject." Claire, yoga teacher

"Helped to clarify questions and reconnect with my own knowledge, community and professional development. Also helped me to remember my own worth and my journey of motherhood. Very healing!" Tijana, yoga teacher.

"Great training! Very informative and excellent balance between theory and practice." Mei Lai, yoga teacher

"Your prenatal training far exceeded my expectations. I now feel confident I will be able to help women enjoy the profound experience of pregnancy by being able to offer a safe and nurturing yoga class. On top of the knowledge and learning, the training provided a space and opportunity to personally heal from a previous birthing experience. Thank you so much for creating a nurturing space in which to connect, communicate and experience the joys of pregnancy with such an amazing group of women. My remaining 3 weeks of this current pregnancy will be richer for the knowledge I now have and for the stories shared throughout the course of the weekend. I look forward to being able to share the same knowledge and sense of community with my own classes in future," Belinda Gaskall, Yoga teacher and mother.

"Thank you Bliss Baby for this magical experience. You have given me the confidence to teach & support a woman through this amazing journey and have also made me look forward to one day experiencing pregnancy myself. You have taken the fear out of pregnancy and reminded me that it is a truly beautiful process that needs to be enjoyed," Emily, yoga teacher.