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Yoga for Women:  Perth Workshops

Join Ana Davis this Spring at Perth's Twisting Fish Yoga Studio for a series of women's yoga workshops to unleash your feminine, shakti power!

Workshop 1 : Slow Flow,    Saturday 22nd September, 230pm - 4pm.

Discover an approach to yoga for women, by women, in this feminine flow for women of all ages and stages. Ana will lead you through a rhythmic flow of postures that nourishes your feminine soul, as well as your female reproductive system; offering joy and deep release. This class is a celebration of us as women, as mothers, as daughters, as wives, as sisters, and as girlfriends. This practice encourages you to sigh deeply, letting go of holding any hard, over-protective ‘yang energy’: softening into your deep, open and healing femininity.

19763 1303495944446 1141911982 31080469 7709166 nWorkshop 2 : Moving with the moon, Yoga for your Moon Cycle,  Sunday 23rd September, 11am- 1pm

It is said in yoga and Ayurveda, that if you support yourself with healing, nurturing practices during your menses, your overall reproductive health will benefit enormously. This two-part workshop helps you better understand your moon cycle and how yoga can be applied to help you nourish your body.

Part A: Talk and Discussion. An overview of how your monthly cycle works and how you can use yoga to rejuvenate your energy levels each month when you menstruate. Learn ways to enhance your experience of your monthly moon cycle, which may help with many menstrual imbalances.

Part B: Menstrual Yoga Practice. You will be lead through a gentle, restorative practice appropriate to your moon time. This sequence will help calm the mind and nervous system, balance the hormonal system, and relieve any congestion and cramping in the belly, pelvis, sacrum and lower back.

Workshop 3 : Women’s Restorative Practice Workshop Sunday 23rd September, 2.30pm - 4.30pm

Restorative yoga is extremely beneficial in bringing balance to our nervous system. Allow yourself to immerse in the practice of ‘letting go’ and learn how through non-resistance you can help your body tune into its natural healing rhythms.

Part A: Women’s Restorative Yoga Practice Ana will guide you through a special sequence of restorative postures which are deeply healing and rejuvenating. This sequence is designed to help calm your nervous system and balance the hormones. Appropriate for women of all ages and stages.

Part B: Talk and Discussion: Yoga for Menopause Learn how yoga can support you through the sometimes distressing changes of peri-menopause and menopause.

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