Women's Yoga Workshop Switzerland



Yoga for Healthy Menstruation

A special workshop with Ana Davis (Bliss Baby Yoga) 

For this first time in Switzerland - Zurich, 2016


Date & Time:  Sunday 10th January, 2016, 3pm-6pm

About this Workshop

Ana Davis Yoga for MenstruationStop practising yoga like a man and start practising like a woman!

In this special workshop, senior International Yoga Teacher and specialist in Yoga for Women’s Health, Ana Davis, shares her passion and knowledge that will inspire you to integrate a more feminine approach to your yoga practice.  Learn how to honour the changing phases of your monthly cycle in order to connect more deeply with your natural femininity, vitality and creativity. 

In this workshop Ana will focus on the principles and guidelines of safely adapting your yoga practice for your Dark Moon (Bleeding) Phase of your menstrual cycle.   She will guide you through a deeply healing and nurturing Dark Moon Yoga Practice to soothe you and rejuvenate you for healthier menstruation.  You will never look at your Moon Cycle in the same way again!   

Take home notes provided – a Dark Moon Yoga Sequence for Healthy Menstruation. 

About Ana Davis

Ana Davis Bliss Baby YogaRYT-500, E-RYT 500, RPYT, Senior Yoga Teacher Level 3, Celebration of Birth Doula  

With 20 years teaching experience and over 25 years of personal yoga practice, Ana Davis is a well known yoga teacher and teacher trainer specializing in yoga for women’s health.  She is founder of Bliss Baby Yoga, a well-respected prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher training organization  offering courses across Australia and internationally.  

Since 2013, Ana also founded Moving with the Moon, which offers workshops and classes on yoga for the menstrual cycle, menopause and fertility.   She has recently released an e-book: “The Dark Moon – Nurturing Yoga for Healthy Menstruation”, which is an advanced chapter from her upcoming book, “Moving with the Moon – Nurturing Yoga, Movement and Meditation for Every Phase of your Menstrual Cycle”.

To find out more about Ana and her work please visit: www.anadavis.com

Here’s what students say about Ana Davis…

“Ana Davis is a beautiful, well-rounded and knowledgeable teacher who is generous with her knowledge and understanding of the divine feminine and yoga” - Melissa, Yoga Teacher, Australia 

“Ana is sympathetic, knowledgeable and professional. I love to learn from her!”, Sybille, Yoga Practitioner, Germany

“I loved being able to just focus on women and our nourishment. It’s added an extra depth to my yoga and meditation teaching and was wonderful to share some of the feminine focus with my class, which was a group of only women.. Very beautiful! Thank you again!”, Kerryn, Yoga Teacher, Australia

“Ana’s teaching is informative, well organised and peaceful”, Amber, Yoga Teacher, USA

“Ana is a real pro – she knows what she’s talking about!”, Marcherie, Yoga Teacher, The Netherlands

“As Tina Turner sings.. ’You are simply the best!’ Great job! Keep spreading the message around the world,” Jayne, Yoga and Pilates Teacher, Brunei

“Deep gratitude for the sharing of your knowledge, expertise and experiences,” Leelee, Yoga Teacher, Brunei

“Thank you so much Ana for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us and for your sense of humour! I feel inspired!”, Kay, Yoga Teacher, Ireland

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Women's Yoga Workshop with Ana Davis in Switzerland.



To find out more about Ana and her work please visit: www.anadavis.com  or www.movingwiththemoon.com