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*NEW* Level 1 Online Training


Two highly experienced and passionate women’s health yoga teachers, Ana Davis and Rosie Matheson, share the basics to get you started in confidently supporting a woman in maximising her health and fertility on her journey towards conception.

What’s included your Level 1 Yoga for Fertility Online Training Course

  • 2-hr Online Lecture with Rosie Matheson – “Yoga & Meditations for Fertility”. 
This lecture includes key guidelines and safety points for fertility yoga, clear illustrations and takes you through two of Rosie’s most beautiful fertility meditation practices.
  • 2-hr Online Lecture with Ana Davis – “Yoga for Healthy Menstruation”
Ana introduces you to how our menstrual cycle works, including her concept of "moving with the moon" - the four phases of the cycle. She also covers the all-important “dos and don'ts” for practising yoga safely and appropriately during menstruation and explains how a sensitive, “Dark Moon –Menstrual” practice can boost a woman’s menstrual health and her fertility.Bliss Baby Yoga Fertility Yoga

This popular e-book and training manual includes fascinating and detailed information on why and how to practise yoga safely and appropriately during menstruation, and includes 4 x illustrated and comprehensive menstrual sequences to try at home or offer to your students.

  • 8 x  Audio Meditations and Breathing Practices for healthy menstruation by Ana Davis
These beautiful, feminine-yoga audio practices can be practised in conjunction with the information covered in Ana’s “Dark Moon” e-book
  • Bonus 40 min Yoga for Miscarriage Video Sequence with Ana Davis 
Practise along with Ana with this nurturing, restorative yoga practice for healing from miscarriage. 
  • 2 x beautifully illustrated Yoga for Fertility sequences by Rosie MathesonRosie Matheson Bliss Baby Yoga Nadi Shodana
  • 2 x beautifully illustrated Yoga for Fertility sequences by Ana Davis
  • 1 x bonus beautifully illustrated Yoga for Miscarriage Sequence by Ana Davis 
  • 3 x sumptuous fertility meditation scripts by Rosie Matheson & Ana Davis
  • Detailed instructions on the principles, guidelines & benefits of Yoga for Fertility, including safe and appropriate Pranayama (breathing) and Mudra (gesture) practices for fertility
  • Bonus information on diet and lifestyle for enhancing both a woman and her partner’s fertility
  • Bonus notes on yoga for miscarriage and pregnancy loss by Ana Davis, including two beautiful meditation scripts for healing from miscarriage
  • A short written assignment to test that you’ve integrated the knowledge we offer in this special, Level 1 course.
  • 1 x 45 minute Skype session with a Bliss Baby Course Facilitator to discuss any questions you may have on yoga for fertility or healthy menstruation. 

Click the play button on the video below to hear Ana and Rosie talk about honouring your menstrual cycle.

Bliss Baby Yoga Online Level 1 Fertility Yoga Teacher Training Course: Honouring your Cycle from Ana Davis on Vimeo.

What you will learn

  • Bliss Baby Yoga Fertility YogaPhysiology of the menstrual cycle 
  • Overview of the four energetic phases of the cycle - "Moving with the Moon"
  • Honouring the menstrual cycle for optimal menstrual health
  • Effects of stress on the hormonal system
  •  Benefits of Yoga for Fertility
  •  Principles of Yoga for Fertility
  •  Contraindications for Yoga for Fertility (what to avoid)
  •  Appropriate and beneficial yoga postures for fertility
  •  Meditation and visualisation practices for Yoga for Fertility
  •  Pranayama (breathing practises), Mudra (gesture) & Chanting for fertility
  •  Sample Yoga for Fertility sequences (for various phases of your menstrual cycle)
  •  Health and lifestyle tips for fertility
  •  Benefits of Yoga for Menstruation – why adapt your practice when you menstruate
  •  Principles of Yoga for Menstruation
  •  Postures and practices to avoid for menstruation 
  •  Meditations, visualisations and relaxation practices for healthy, positive menstruation
  •  Appropriate and beneficial yoga postures for menstruation
  •  Sample Yoga for Menstruation sequences
  • Guidelines for healing Yoga for Miscarriage practices
  • Sample Yoga for Miscarriage & Pregnancy Loss sequence


Click the play button on the video below to hear Ana and Rosie talk about the importance of the heart-womb connection when working with yoga for fertility.

Bliss Baby Yoga Online Level 1 Fertility Yoga Teacher Training - Heart to Womb Connection from Ana Davis on Vimeo.

Who is this course for

This course is for yoga teachers or women’s health workers who would like more information and tools in supporting their students or clients with yoga on their journey to conceiving a baby.

It’s also appropriate for any woman who would like to use yoga and meditation to help boost their own health and wellbeing, by learning to honour her menstrual cycle and engage these practical tools to prepare for conception.


A Completion Certificate (PDF electronic file, with option to purchase a printed copy to be mailed to you) is provided once you've completed the course content, submitted your assignment and received your feedback via your interactive Skype session.  We ask you to keep a record of the total hours you spend on the course, which will then be noted on your certificate.   

Members of both Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia are required to complete ongoing professional development to keep their membership current.

By completing our Bliss Baby Yoga Online training, teachers are able to accrue these necessary professional development hours as well as to gain the all-important knowledge and skills to launch them into this specialised area of women’s health.

For Yoga Australia members, 36 CPD points (Continuing Professional Development) must be accrued to keep your membership active.  These can be accrued through contact or non-contact courses.  For online courses two hours are equal to 1 CPD point.

For Yoga Alliance members, 'Continuing Education' hours needs to be maintained through both ‘contact’ and ‘non-contact’ learning. Every 5 hours you spend on the Bliss Baby online course is equivalent to 1-hour of continuing education points.

PLEASE NOTE that our Bliss Baby Yoga training courses are designed as post-graduate study for qualified yoga teachers, and are not alone designed to qualify graduates to teach fertility yoga classes to the public if they are not yet a qualified yoga teacher (having completed a minimum Level 1 / 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training). The pre-requisite to enrol in our courses is at least 6-12 months consistent prior yoga practice experience - so that you are familiar with the basic postures / practices / terminology and can therefore gain the most from this training. We strongly recommend undertaking a 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training in addition to our specialised teaching before teaching any public classes, so that you can be insured as a qualified yoga teacher.


Rosie Matheson Bliss Baby YogaRosie Matheson is a passionate and experienced women’s health and wellbeing and yoga educator, specialising in Yoga for Fertility, Conscious Conception, Yoga for Healthy Menstruation and Prenatal Yoga.

Rosie regularly facilitates Bliss Baby Yoga Pregnancy, Women's Yoga and Fertility Yoga Teacher Training courses internationally, is a qualified birth Doula, runs specialised workshops for Healthy Menstruation, and leads Women’s Circles for her local community.

Rosie’s passion is in educating women on the power of their bodies, and the undeniable correlation between celebrating your feminine form and living an empowered and vital life.

Her genius is in presenting these ideas in a way that is accessible, nurturing, and inspiring to women everywhere.

  • "Rosie truly embodies the divine feminine. She is passionate, articulate, empathetic, and empowering. A truly gifted teacher" - Lauren
  • "It was a wonderfully gentle and very informative course that has helped me to think about my connection to my womb and womanhood in general. Rosie is just lovely. She creates such an open and gentle, supportive environment. She listened to everyone, gave positive feedback and responses to any comments made and was very authentic in her manner." - Julia
  • "Rosie is delightful, warm-hearted, open, generous and wise." - Ruth
  • "Rosie is amazing! A shining light of wisdom and beauty. I loved the content and delivery. So much useful practical info I can implement straight away." - Anonymous

Ana Davis Bliss Baby YogaAna Davis is an experienced yoga teacher and teacher trainer, specializing in yoga for women’s health. Ana has long been passionate about working with women’s experience and exploring the benefits of yoga and meditation for women’s monthly and life cycles.

Ana has been teaching yoga for 20 years, since 1996, and in 2005 founded Bliss Baby Yoga a well-respected organization offering women's yoga teacher training courses across Australia and internationally.

In 2013, Ana also founded Moving with the Moon which offers workshops and classes on yoga for the menstrual cycle, menopause and fertility. Ana is currently writing her first book, “Moving with the Moon: Nurturing Yoga, Movement and Meditation for Every Phase of your Menstrual Cycle”.

Ana’s book and Women’s Yoga Teacher Training Courses represent a culmination of years of her research, teaching, and personal yoga practice as well as an overriding passion for natural health and wellbeing.

  • "Ana is a beautiful, well-rounded and knowledgeable teacher who is generous with her knowledge and understanding of the divine feminine and yoga" - Melissa
  • “I have been blessed to partake in Ana's series of classes which directly address the phases of the moon and tailors the yoga sequence to suit the needs that we have during different times of our cycle. It has been so nourishing and nurturing and insightful for me to track my body this way and to really understand when to let myself activate and when to pull back in my practice according to where my cycle is at." - Lisa, yoga teacher and physiotherapist
  • "Ana's knowledge is amazing and she is able to convey it to students. I felt I was in good, capable hands." - Julie
  • "Ana is just so beautiful in every possible way. I feel privileged to have been able to attend her course." - Lee
  • "Ana you are so full of knowledge and teach with clarity and skill." - Suzi

How does the course work

Once you have registered and confirmed your payment, you will receive an email with the links to download and view and listen to all of your course materials.

Once you have worked your way through the course materials – viewed the two lectures, read the e-book and practised at least one Dark Moon (menstrual) yoga sequence; practised along to the audio meditations and the Yoga for Miscarriage video - you will be ready to embark on your final Assignment.

You then complete and submit the written assignment and a Bliss Baby Course facilitator returns it to you with her written feedback.

From here, we book you in for your personalised, one-on-one Skype session with a Bliss Baby Yoga Course Facilitator to discuss your assignment and any questions you may have about teaching or practising Yoga for Fertility.

Finally, we email you your electronic Completion Certificate, with the option to purchase a printed certificate that you may like to display in your business or yoga room!

Click the play button on the video below to hear Ana and Rosie talk about the skype sessions which conclude our Bliss Baby Yoga Online L1 Yoga for Fertility Teacher Training course.

Bliss Baby Yoga Online Yoga for Fertility Teacher Training Course (Level 1)

Feedback from our Online L1 Yoga for Fertility course trainees

"I am loving the course! I am actually writing this with happy tears. I recently had a miscarriage and ever since I have had extreme coccyx and sacrum pain. My root chakra is in definite need of healing and your miscarriage section has healed me just by reading it, completely opened my heart and the movements have helped with the pain astronomically! Last night was the first night I slept through without being woken by my numbing pain. Oh I love you Ana!"
- Nadia, South Australia

"I am loving this online fertility course that you (Rosie and Ana) have created. It is brilliant and so professional. It will be wonderfully supportive for me as I care for my clients. Thank you for the time and effort that must have gone into it." - Amanda, South Australia
"Thank you so much for an amazing course. I was so blown away by all the beautiful content and felt like i received such a deep level of learning from it. Ever since Rosie's lecture at the Yoga for Women training last year I have been craving more knowledge and depth into Yoga for Fertility and you well and truly delivered. I actually ran a small workshop from my home on Sunday to put what i had learnt to practice. It was a small and intimate group of 3 women and it was just so beautiful! I can't wait to run more and of course continue to learn and understand more so that i can continue to provide a really beautiful experience for women. Thank you again. I'm so so grateful!" - Jenny, NSW


This foundational online course that will quickly equip you with the tools and knowledge to use yoga and meditation for boosting fertility and menstrual health, from the convenience of your own home, and in your own time, costs AUD$187 (includes GST for Australian residents).


*PLEASE NOTE - upon registration and payment you will receive an email including links to download / access all electronic course materials. If you do not receive this email please check your email junk mail (or spam) folder, or your promotions folder (in Gmail). 

*If you have previously completed our 10 week series of Live Online Lectures or 80 hr Women's Yoga Teacher Training in Byron Bay please contact us for a Promo Code to receive your special discount for this course. 

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