Bliss Baby Yoga holds accreditation with both Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia

Yoga Alliance 

Bliss Baby Yoga RPYSBliss Baby Yoga is accredited with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga School (RYS-200) and a Registered Prenatal Yoga School (RPYS). Our courses will provide you with the highest level qualification in this field: Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT).  

To attain the RPYT qualification you must first become a registered yoga teacher (RYT) before completing the Bliss Baby 100 hour Pre and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training Course held in Byron Bay.

Alternately, our RPYT Combined training package also allows you to achieve the RPYT qualification in a flexible, modular study model, through a combination of weekend training modules, Live Online Lectures, mentorship through assisting/observing in
prenatal/postnatal classes, and homework assignments. 

Bliss Baby Yoga RYT 200The RPYT qualification adheres to rigorous guidelines in educating trainees in both the practical applications of teaching pregnant women, as well as the all important theoretical background of psycho-emotional-physiological changes to the pregnant, birthing and postnatal woman.

Teachers who register with Yoga Alliance are listed on their online directory of registered yoga teachers. Registering is important as it enhances your credibility worldwide as a yoga professional and makes you more visible to students within your community. Learn more about Yoga Alliance here

Upon completion of a Bliss Baby Yoga teacher training course you will also be listed on our online directory of qualified prenatal and postnatal yoga teachers

Yoga AustraliaBliss Baby Yoga Yoga Australia

Our 100 hour Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training course is also registered with Yoga Australia as a Registered Postgraduate Course in the area of Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga.

The Yoga Australia registration requires 50 hours of training in this specialised area with at least 65% contact hours, which our 100 hour Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training course content meets - and exceeds.

Ongoing Professional Development for Yoga Australia & Yoga Alliance members 

Members of both Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia are required to complete ongoing professional development to keep their membership current.

By undertaking the yoga courses offered by Bliss Baby Yoga including the weekend prenatal teacher trainings (offered in a variety of locations throughout Australia including Byron Bay, Brisbane, Perth, and Melbourne), the online prenatal and postnatal teacher trainings, or any of our workshops, yoga teachers are able to accrue these necessary professional development hours as well as to gain the all-important knowledge and skills to launch them into this specialised area of women’s health.

For Yoga Alliance members, registered yoga teachers must complete continuing education hours every three years to maintain their registration.  A minium of 30 hours of yoga training is required every three years with at least 10 of these hours being contact hours. No more than 20 hours may be non-contact hours.  One non-contact hour is achieve by completing 5 hours of any of the activities listed on their site.  

The Bliss Baby Yoga weekend trainings fulfill the requirement for Yoga Alliance contact hours, whilst our online courses can be accrued as ‘non-contact’ hours. 

For Yoga Australia members, 36 CPD points (Continuing Professional Development) must be accrued to keep your membership active.  These can be accrued through contact or non-contact courses. For a  face-to-face course such as our weekend intensive teacher training, one hour is equivalent to one point. So, the 20 hour weekend gives you 20 CPD points.  For online courses, two hours are equal to 1 CPD point. The Bliss Baby online course will take on average 50 hours to complete, so you will accrue 25 CPD points.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

I’m not a qualified Yoga Teacher. Can I qualify by doing a pre/postnatal course ?

Our courses are designed as specialist options for qualified yoga teachers or those currently undergoing their training.  They are not designed to give you the fundamental skills to teach a general yoga class.  Instead, they will provide you with the specialised tools and knowledge to add to your yoga teaching repertoire so you can safely and confidently teach yoga to expectant and new mothers.

If you're not currently a trained yoga teacher, you can still complete our course, however, we require that you have upheld a regular yoga practice of at least one year before joining our weekend intensive or 100hr courses. We recommend that if you would like to teach yoga to pregnant women and new mothers that you also complete a general teacher training course (minimum 200 hr) in addition to our specialised courses, or our complete your 200 hr certification through our Bliss Baby Yoga Shakti Purna Yoga Teacher Training course.  

Note, the RPYT qualification is only valid if you are a current registered yoga teacher (RYT). 

Please contact us if you have questions about becoming qualified as a prenatal/postnatal yoga teacher.  


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"I really enjoyed the Bliss Baby Yoga teacher training online course because it was flexible, allowing me to do the work and practices at a convenient time....especially helpful for mothers with babies."  Helen Santamaria Popescu

“I found it so convenient as a new mum, working three different jobs I was able to also do the course without feeling overwhelmed. I enjoyed listening to the lectures during my drives and was sad when they came to an end  _ I might have to re-listen.” Leah Gencheff, Newcastle

"This was an absolutely amazing course.  Full of practical, useful information and inspiring teachers."  Lee 



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