Bliss Baby Yoga May News: Healthy Eating for Women of all Ages and Stages

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Food, glorious food!

Ana Davis 2017 LRDear Bliss Babies,

Here at Bliss Baby Yoga we are passionate about supporting, educating and reminding women of the importance of self-care which inspires this latest newsletter, overflowing with yoga, health and lifestyle tips for women – most of them centring around healthy eating. 

This month, naturopath and yoga teacher, Talita Sheedy shares her 8 Wellness Tips for a Holistic Pregnancy. This beautiful article looks at how a woman’s pregnancy can be enhanced through self-care and includes some important information about the nutrients that are essential for her body during pregnancy. After all, foods that are eaten become the body of a child in the womb! This article is a great resource to share with your pregnant students.

We also feature a guest blog from the crew at Healthpost with helpful tips on eating a balanced diet to nourish our feminine hormones, for all stages of our lives as women.  I was invited to be one of the ‘experts’ for Healthpost’s Top 10 Health Tips – also worth a read. 

You can learn more about healthy eating for our feminine bodies in our upcoming 80 hr Women’s Yoga Teacher Training this September in Byron Bay. This juicy, comprehensive training that covers yoga for menstruation, fertility and menopause includes sessions offering an Ayurvedic approach to eating mindfully and ‘loving your body’, as well as a Chinese Traditional Medicine inspired plan for eating to sync up with your menstrual cycle. 

Lastly, Stephanie Williams, Bliss Baby graduate and passionate yoga teacher, shares her journey of finding yoga. You will enjoy reading her account of discovering a softer, gentler yoga practice that has encouraged her to listen deep within. Stephanie’s story, is a good reminder for all of us about how the smallest and most simplest changes can help support and nourish our well-being.

Love and light,
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