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 Ages and Stages of a Woman's Life

Ana-Davis profileWhile pregnancy and motherhood are very important, there are also other key stages and phases in a woman’s life when we need the kind of support that gentle, feminine yoga can provide.  

Every month when we menstruate, when a woman is consciously trying to conceive, and the transition into menopause are all sensitive times in a woman’s life journey.  

At Bliss Baby Yoga we are passionate about yoga for women for all ages and stages and that’s why we are so excited to be diversifying our offerings to you!  

We are launching a special series of Live Online Lectures in August which feature virtual master-classes with some of our awesome women’s health teachers, covering yoga for fertility and menstruation in addition to a number of extension, specialised prenatal and postnatal subjects. Check it out here!

Adelaide yoginis will have the opportunity to join me in July for a series of workshops covering these ages and stages with sessions on yoga for healthy menstruation, fertility and menopause, as well as a delicious restorative yoga for women workshop.  

You can learn more about how yoga plays an important part in our self care during menstruation in this month’s blog, where I share some self-care tips for menstruation.

Also this month, not forgetting our overriding passion for yoga for pregnancy, the wise and experienced Bliss Baby Yoga Teacher, Mari Notaris shares some gems about running your prenatal yoga classes

Whatever age or stage you are at, we hope that you are finding the right tools to nurture yourself and honour your feminine essence and nature. 

Love and light,

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9 Practical Tips for

Prenatal Yoga Teachers

Self-Care for Menstruation

- a necessity not a luxury!

*NEW* Bliss Baby Yoga

Live Online Lecture Series

 Prenatal Yoga Teacher Tips
Self Care Menstruation
Online Lectures Profile

Upcoming Events

June 25 - 27: 20 hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Weekend Intensive in Melbourne 

June 28: 1 day Level 1 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training in Melbourne

July 17-19: Women's Yoga Workshops with Ana Davis in Adelaide

August 6 – 14: 100 hr Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training in Byron Bay

August 6-8: Prenatal Weekend Intensive in Byron Bay

August 10-12: Postnatal Weekend Intensive in Byron Bay

August 15: 1 day Level 1 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training in Byron Bay

August 18 - October 20: *NEW* Live Online Lecture Series

November 21: 1 day Level 1 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training in Byron Bay

Anytime, Anywhere: Online Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training

Flexible study choices: RPYT Combined Training Package


"Not only does slowing down and resting during your menstrual period enhance your physical wellbeing, but it will also provide the opportunity for emotional healing and growth. You can take advantage of the lower ebb in your energy that characterises menstruation to take pause in your busy life and reflect on where you've been and where you are now headed."

Ana Davis, "The Dark Moon - Nurturing Yoga for Healthy Menstruation

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